Investment Property Colorado Springs

Video Walk Through Tour of Colorado Springs Investment Property Available For Purchase

We have a number of homes for sale in Colorado Springs that work wonderfully an investment property. Here’s a video walk through one of them.

Hello this is Jennifer Way with ZechBuysHouses LLC

We are are here at 152 Esther Drive, in Colorado Springs.

This is a property being advertised for sale. There are tenants in the home that will be moving out prior to closing. So all of the belongings will be taken out with them.


Home is a three bedroom, one bath home, one car garage. Some repair to the deck roof here, not the roof so much as just the ceiling. As you walk in the front door, living room is to your right. Big window at the front of the house. Back into the kitchen, kitchen does need some updates. There is a washroom here, with the entrance into the garage being right there.

We go back into the main living space of the house, a hallway to where the bedrooms are at. First bedroom here on your right. Again there are tenants here who will be moving out their belongings prior to closing.

Second bedroom, which seems to be the largest bedroom. The house does have hardwood floors throughout but you’re gonna need some repair. And there is some ceiling repair in this bedroom.

Third bedroom, directly at the end of the hallway, got ceiling repair in this bedroom as well. Storage in the hallway, which takes us to the bathroom. Bathroom will need cleaned up and updating. Also, need to put some vents in, you’ve got some trapped moisture in here.

And then we’ll take you to the backyard, just gonna give you a shot of the backyard, through the kitchen window. It is a fenced in property. And the mobile here, the RV, will be removed prior to closing as well.

152 Esther Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Video Transcription
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